About Classic Pilates Body Studio

We pride ourselves here at CPB for being a studio without attitude, somewhere our clients come to workout and escape the outside world for an hour. Our team consists of fully certified instructors who spent over 600 hours of dedication to their training program….to being the best Pilates instructor they can be.

Women doing Pilates in Santa Monica CA

We’ll find out your goals in your first session and tailor your program to your needs, whilst maintaining an integrity within the original style of Classical Pilates. We pride ourselves on our commitment to your goals, because honestly, the goal is to MOVE while you gain strength, flexibility, coordination, control and a much greater mind-body awareness.

Classic Pilates Body is the first Pilates studio to achieve Green Certification in Santa Monica!

We have experience with a wide range of client needs:

  • pre and postnatal,
  • rehabilitation from surgery or injury,
  • complete beginners,
  • experienced Pilates aficionados
  • elite athletes looking to maintain their conditioning.

We have created a fun, supportive place to be and our many long-term clients, some from as far back as 2009, are a testament to this!

If you are looking for a change, ready to commit to a fitness program that delivers results then look no further.

Contact us to set up your initial appointment and we’ll take it from there.

‚Äč(310) 472-2900