We recently held our first in house training session for the CPB Team with Dr. Deidra Manns PT, DPT, MSPT, COMT (Director of Monarch Wellness, located right here in the studio!). This is the first of regular training sessions as we further educate our instructors on different areas of the body, the injuries and restrictions that clients can present with. This is from a Physical Therapist’s perspective and we are lucky that Dr. Manns is also a certified Pilates Instructor.

The first two sessions were on how to deal with sciatica caused by a herniated disc. This is quite a common injury that we, as Pilates instructors, often find ourselves working with clients who have this condition.

practicing Pilates mat exercises

We are not trained medical professionals, we NEVER try to diagnose with any client- we always ask them to consult with their doctor before beginning any program if they are undiagnosed and in pain. Most of the time they come in with the diagnosis from their doctor and this is where we start.

Dr. Manns took the team through the clinical aspects and then had them do various exercises and discuss why an exercise should either be modified or omitted from their individual program.

We want to thank Dr. Manns for such¬† informative¬† sessions and can’t wait for the next one in August!