CPB Instructor Highlight- Rachel Lotspeich (Owner)

I first read about Pilates in an Australian Elle magazine, back in 1994, but didn’t get to try it until 1998 when I lived in New York City. I was a practice body for Mat Pilates with a restaurant co worker (yes, I was that girl who moved to NYC to study acting, and therefore waited tables!)

It wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles that I was able to commence my own Pilates teacher training. I studied the Classical/NY Traditional method and 600 hours later, I was certified. I worked in the West Hollywood studio that I studied in, as well as a Physiotherapy clinic and travelled to client’s homes. I slowly bought enough equipment to open my own studio in 2009, Classic Pilates Body. I can proudly say that it is still going strong ten years later.

I was never all that flexible, I rode horses and played sports, so I loved how Pilates ‘sneaks’ the stretching into the whole workout. You gain flexibility without holding that hamstring stretch until you’re screaming (in your head) for it to end. There are definitely exercises that do focus on deeper stretches, but you’re getting both stretch and strengthen from every single exercise you do in Classical Pilates.

I also love the mind-body connection that Pilates brings and some of my most rewarding moments are when these connections happen to my clients. The “aha” moment, we like to call it.

I have worked with pregnant clients (including myself) and see the huge advantages they have reaped, from Pre Natal Pilates, when it comes to the Post Natal recovery. My clients have ranged from elderly rehabilitation and injury prevention to professional athletes looking to enhance their performance in general. The majority though are ‘regular’ people, wanting to take care of their bodies for now and their future.

My focus has been Private/Individual client sessions, with a sprinkling of Duets, in my nineteen year career. I find the rewards of working one-on-one with a person to be the most fulfilling for us both. I get to go on their Pilates journey as a close companion and still count some of my earliest clients as personal friends of mine.

The progress a client makes in a Private session really sets them up for success in Pilates. I’ve heard many a client say, “I’m not flexible” with concern in their voice, only to marvel that they can touch their toes, or something similar in a time frame that they never thought possible.

I lived in the US from 1995 until 2016, when an opportunity to move back to Melbourne, Australia presented itself. We moved in March and I found out that the building was closing down and I had to move the studio asap.

I found a bigger space that allowed Dr. Diedra Manns, PT, to open her practice within the studio in a designated room of her own.

My daughter is thriving here in Australia but I truly miss being in the studio on a day to day basis. So… I come back every 3-4 months and hang out with my team and get to see all of our clients and their smiling, fulfilled faces as they leave at the end of their session.

I have Marlena, my manager, to thank for keeping the studio running smoothly on a day to day basis- so grateful!

We are continuing to grow with new clients to add to our loyal CPB clientele- my favorite thing to see is a buzzing, moving studio filled with instructors and clients on their Pilates journey.

We make it easy to start here, it’s a simple click to purchase one of our Intro Packs and you’re on your way.

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That’s enough from me, next up we’ll be highlighting our instructors and a Client Of The Month.

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