Instructor Highlight- Ania Krawiec

Instructor Highlight- Ania Krawiec

We’re going to introduce you to, or perhaps just give you a little more insight into, our team. Meet Ania, she is our resident interior design specialist/Pilates instructor/Zen master. She has been with us on and off, due to her world travels, since 2011. We think she’s great!


What lead you to Pilates?

This is going to sound really woo woo… but intuition lead me to pilates. At the time I was really into my yoga practice, but I was searching for something deeper. I kept seeing the name Pilates and hearing a little here and there about it. I randomly wandered by a studio, signed up for a class and that was it! 


When did you start teaching here at CPB?

I started in 2011, then I left to travel and work abroad for 4 years. Returning back to CPB in 2015. 


What is your favorite Pilates exercise?

I have to say I love the pull-ups on the Wunda chair. Pilates can at times be incredibly cerebral, so I feel that this exercise is perfect for those that need a bit more help in finding their connection to center. Even if the movement is minimal. I feel that that feeling can then be easily translated to  so many other exercises and pieces of equipment. 


What might you say is your specialty in the wide array of areas we teach in?

(Ie. Pre Natal Pilates, injuries, etc.)

I would say  I’ve been really lucky to have worked with many clients during their pregnancies. It’s something that I was really nervous about initially. However, educational workshops, research as well as experience has allowed me to feel confident in working with these mothers to be. 


What is the best thing about being a Pilates instructor?

I really value the connection that develops and evolves with clients. It’s incredibly meaningful to not only be able to help facilitate someone in their fitness journey,  but to get to know them on a personal and intimate level. 


What are your hobbies or passions outside of your Pilates work? 

I really enjoy yoga. I feel that Pilates strengthened my yoga practice immensely. Both to me compliment one another. Nurturing my creativity is so important to me. I spend a lot time beautifying my home and garden. I love creating and making things. Be it making ceramics, trying a new food recipe, floral arrangements. Too many things! 

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