Instructor Highlight- Dianne Gard

We’re going to introduce you to, or perhaps just give you a little more insight into, our team. Meet Dianne, she has been an integral member of our team for over 6 years now. Dianne loves figuring out puzzles of the body and continues to study the different issues that clients often come in with. She is the ‘quiet achiever’.



What lead you to Pilates?

I was looking to transition from the corporate legal world to a career that combined my love of movement and helping people. After dance class one day, the manager of the only Pilates studio in the area gave us a demo mat class to introduce us to the Pilates method.

I fell in love with the precision and flow of the movement right away, visited the studio, did some research, quit my corporate job, and followed my dream of becoming a Pilates trainer.  


When did you start teaching here at CPB?

I started teaching at CPB in the summer/fall of 2013, soon after moving to California.


What is your favorite Pilates exercise?

It’s so hard to choose! I love so many for different reasons. I guess right now, the exercise that I measure myself up against  is the mat teaser series. I tend to practice my mat at home, and know if I can conquer the teaser series I’m where I want to be. If not, I get to work.


What might you say is your specialty in the wide array of areas we teach in?

(Ie. Pre Natal Pilates, injuries, etc.)

I seem to have gravitated through circumstance and my continuing education to clients that have been injured and/or are post-surgery who are trying to find a pain-free way to learn to move/exercise again.  I’ve also been doing on-going education in scoliosis, which is a dynamic  field, and really enjoy the almost puzzle-piecing  of working with scoliotic clients. 


What is your favorite exercise to do outside the studio?

I am a dancer at heart, and when I’ve moved to any location, besides finding a pilates studio, I try to immediately find a place to dance.  Its truly a passion of mine, and feeds my body, mind, and spirit.  


What is the best thing about being a Pilates instructor?

I love that I don’t tell people that I’m going “to work”, but rather, I’m going to “the studio.” I really love what I do, not only the thoughtfulness and beauty and benefit of the exercises, the challenge of always learning and growing in the work, but I really cherish the clients I’ve gotten to know over the years.

Even though I’m a teacher, each of my clients gives something to me that becomes a part of me, and that’s been true from the beginning.  So, the “best” thing is such a mixture, but to combine my love of movement with helping people lead a healthier lifestyle, and sharing their life journeys along the way, is something I’m very grateful for.


What are your hobbies or passions outside of your Pilates work? 

One specific passion that came as a result of moving to California is wild mustangs.  I’d never really been around horses much before,  but was able to work with rescued Plains mustangs for a time in Malibu, and fell in love with these amazing and sensitive animals.  I learned so much from them, about their heartbreaking stories, and how some are being saved through training programs with prisoners from maximum security prisons in the West.  


What days and hours are you available at Classic Pilates Body?

 Monday-Friday 8am- 7.30pm


 Thanks for letting us get to know you a little better Dianne.