Instructor Highlight- Irene Razze

Instructor Highlight- Irene Razze

We’re going to introduce you to, or perhaps just give you a little more insight into, our team. So we’ll start with our most Senior Instructor here.
Irene Razze (Gaffey is her married name these days) has been with us from virtually the beginning, and the studio wouldn’t be the high calibre place that it is without her presence.

Pilates instructor

What lead you to Pilates?

I was dancer my whole life and took my first pilates class while dancing in college.  Within a couple weeks,  I noticed a huge difference in my body.  I had never felt stronger, more centered and balanced and my dance performance went to the next level. I was hooked!

When did you start teaching here at CPB?

I started working at CPB a few months after Rachel opened in 2009. She asked me if I was interested in teaching mat classes.  This is where I built up my clientele and was teaching pilates full time within a year.

What is your favorite Pilates exercise?

I have so many favorites, but if I had to chose one it would have to be the Roll Up.  This exercise has so much going  on from deep core strengthening  and control to stretching the entire back of the body.  The Roll Up embodies the two way stretch that we are trying to achieve in all of our pilates work.  Plus, it feels soooo good.

What might you say is your specialty in the wide array of areas we teach in?

(Ie. Pre Natal Pilates, injuries, etc.)

Having dealt with my own shoulder issues in the past, and through extensive workshops and research I have a deeper understanding of proper shoulder mechanics and how it relates to the rest of the body and posture.  I have experience working with many clients that are dealing with injuries or ailments in all areas of the body and helping them to get stronger and re-align their bodies in a safe way to achieve successful movement.

What is your favorite exercise to do outside of the studio?

Besides more Pilates and an occasional dance class,  I like to go hiking,  running and really any outdoor activity that I can be in nature and get some fresh air and sunshine.