Phew, thank goodness April is finally over!

We are working really hard to create a safe and clean studio for you, with appropriate distancing between equipment and clients. We know we won’t be opening just yet but we are committed to creating a studio that you feel safe coming to- just like we felt to you all before all of this!


Masks, gloves, cleaning supplies- we’ve got them!


We have disposable masks made locally in LA here ready and waiting. Rachel’s mom has been busy sewing reusable masks in Australia for us and they are being shipped over this week. They will be in their own ziplock bag and available to purchase. We have a portable forehead thermometer coming this week, plus we have enjoyed using our UV light mini sanitizer to see how well we’re cleaning our equipment- it’s fun in a strange kind of way. We will have hand sanitizer at the ready, disinfectant and cleaning products to clean both before and after your session.

We are making vinyl covers for all handles, foot loops and straps, they will have velcro straps so you will use your own covers for your entire session and place them in a bin to be cleaned and sanitized by our team afterwards.

We are going to ask you all to wear Toe Sox or regular socks when you’re working out. It has been mandated at other studios for a while and as much as we love the tactile connection of our feet on the Reformer, this will help keep the studio cleaner and safer. If you don’t have any Toe Sox, we have some to purchase. If you forget your socks, we have a small amount of Toe Sox you can borrow and then we’ll put them in the laundry after your session.

Finally, we will be having less clients in the studio at any given time, adhering to distancing guidelines.

We want you to feel comfortable when you’re ready to come into the studio- we will be sending out a survey to all of our active clients to get your feedback and work together on this. Look for it in the coming week.

Stay safe and healthy, keep doing Pilates

The CPB Team