Well hello there, and happy Fall to you.

Wow, this year is simply flying by don’t you think? We say this every year, I must be getting older ;))

We had a new manager start at the end of August, Denise Kato, and we’re really happy she’s here- she knows almost every client’s name already and has a smile for you as you walk through the front door.

We will REALLY miss Marlena and wish her the best on her new career path, not to mention the addition to her family coming early next year. Congratulations Mar!!!

Our small group classes are filling up and Tanya is super happy to have you all in her classes- she teaches  Tuesday 5.30pm, Thursday 5.30pm and Saturday 11am. Eleni teaches the Tuesday 6.30pm, we are lucky to have her here as she already has a full time job in the non profit sector, so she’s pretty busy.

We’ll be highlighting client journeys in our upcoming newletters, we’ve only a couple of instructors left on the team to highlight, but for now here’s a montage of one of our long time loyal clients, Jillian Yee. Would you like to be a part of this special newsletter? Tell us all about your own journey here at CPB? We LOVE reading about you!

teaching pilates
Jillian learning to lift her hips for the Overhead exercise with Irene

We have quite a few new faces here at CPB and it is exciting to watch them begin their Pilates journey here. The sense of achievement on their faces at the end of their session is such a reward for us. Their comments like, “Wow, I dragged myself here after a long day at work but I feel so energized now I’m finished” or “I’m standing taller and more aware of my posture now that I am doing Pilates”. Every client’s journey is different but there are common threads like this to connect us all on such an amazing health and wellness journey that is Classical Pilates.


Do you have a family member, friend or co worker that might be interested in doing Pilates? Maybe find out if it’s something they might enjoy as much as you do? We have two offers for the month of November to entice them in for ‘a taste’ of Pilates here at CPB. Just click on the link to purchase.


Our Intro Pack of 3 sessions (which is normally $219) for only $149- So you get 3 Individual sessions for ONLY $149

$149 Intro Pack


Try us out for a single session for the super low price of $49, we know you’ll be coming back for more!

$49 Individual Session

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See you in the studio,

Rachel and the CPB Team