Our Team

Rachel Lotspeich

Rachel (originally from Melbourne, Australia) moved to New York in 1995, where she had her first ‘taste’ of Pilates while studying drama. After moving to Los Angeles, she completed her Pilates certification in 2001 and has been busy teaching ever since. She practiced Pilates throughout her pregnancy with her daughter and credits it with her fast recovery afterwards. She was an assistant teacher in the Pilates Technique Certification training program from 2005-2014 and has always felt tremendous satisfaction in mentoring the Pilates instructors of the future.

Rachel has owned CPB for ten years as of January 2019, from it’s beginnings in Brentwood to it’s current, happy home in Santa Monica. She is extremely proud of how it has grown, the strong, professional teaching team we have and the loyalty of the CPB clients. Classic Pilates Body is one of the longest running Classical Pilates studios on the Westside.

Marlena Smith (Studio Manager)

Marlena Smith is a Los Angeles native and has managed health and fitness studios for over a decade. She has been with CPB since early 2017 and loves being a part of the joyful, family like environment that the amazing instructors and wonderful clients have created at the studio. “I laugh every day that I’m in the studio!”
In addition to handling daily operations that allows the studio to run smoothly, Marlena is always happy to hear concerns or suggestions about the studio, chat or just listen when you need to vent.
Marlena is also a proud parent to her stepdaughter Marley (10) and son Marlan (5), a Massage Therapist who studied at The Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing (IPSB) in Culver City and runs and operates her family’s eCommerce business, LoveLee Living, LLC.

Irene Razze (Client/Teacher Liaison)

Growing up as a dancer, Irene has always recognized the importance of keeping her body strong, centered and in control. Her passion for movement led Irene to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. While attaining a BFA in Dance, she was introduced to Pilates. Amazed at how it changed her body and improved her dance performances, she found a new love and appreciation for the method. While in college Irene also worked as a dance teacher. She started incorporating pilates exercises into her class warm-ups as a way of conditioning her students to the harsh demands of a dancers life.

In 2002, Irene’s career in dance moved her to Los Angeles where her interest in fitness continued to grow. Pilates became something she loved and respected just as she did her dancing. Her curiosity and craving for more, led her to one of the most respected teacher training programs where she became fully certified in classical pilates in 2008. She now works for the Pilates Technique Certification program as assistant teacher trainer where she gets to help new trainees in their journey to becoming amazing teachers. As an educator herself, Irene is continuously learning different methods of training through extended education workshops that focus on injury rehabilitation and prevention. Irene has dedicated the past 10 years to sharing her passion for pilates, dance and fitness with her clients through personal training and group classes in various studios all over Los Angeles.

Ania Krawiec

Ania has a deep passion for travel, fitness, nutrition and maintaining overall well-being and balance of the mind, body and spirit. Over the past years she has had the opportunity to teach internationally in places such as Thailand and Australia.

Being exposed to movement ranging from competitive sports, gymnastics, yoga, and the aerial arts, has inspired her search of Pilates. Pilates is what helped her develop and strengthen her awareness of her own body. It is a type of movement that is challenging both physically and emotionally and allows one to really gauge their progress. Plus its fun:)

In 2009 Ania received her Pilates certification in Classical Pilates in Los Angeles. To expand on her interest of the bodies mechanics in India 2011 she completed her teacher training in Yoga. She likes to carry in some of the yoga principles such as deep stretching, mindfulness and complete body awareness and connection into her classes.

While bringing lots of energy and enthusiasm into her sessions, Ania’s eye for detail and ability to listen to her clients allows her to tailor each session to the clients needs. Guiding them in the development of their own body awareness, while providing a challenging and fun workout.

Dianne Gard

Dianne’s love of movement and background in dance performance and competition, as well as a desire to help others, was a natural path to becoming a Pilates teacher. Her teaching background includes certification with the nationally recognized Pilates Method Alliance, training with the esteemed New York City Power Pilates classical method, and intensive coursework in Dance Movement Therapy. She has also led various workshops and been a guest speaker at health events throughout the years. Her extensive continuing education in Pilates allows her to tailor sessions to meet clients’ special needs and rehabilitative concerns, while still creating a challenging experience. Dianne takes her fifteen year passion for Pilates and attention to detail and lengthening into her own dedicated workouts, as well as her teaching. She loves to create a fun, caring, and encouraging atmosphere for her clients, meeting each client where they’re at, yet coaching them to raise the bar and attain their personal best. She never tires of hearing how Pilates positively affects not only her clients’ bodies, but mind and spirit as well. One of her favorite quotes is, “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?” She thinks Joseph Pilates just might like that.

Monika Porkert

A research paper about the history of physical culture of Los Angeles, written by a Pilates Instructor, reads: “ The German “Turnverein” Movement had an influence on Joseph Pilates and the development of his method”. Born and raised in Munich, it was in exactly in such a “Turnverein” (gymnastics club) that I first experienced the joy of movement which has accompanied me all my life. After the birth of my first child I was first introduced to the Pilates Method, and immediately loved and appreciated that form of movement. This led to my becoming a Pilates Instructor. My endeavor is not only to pass on a choreography of exercise, but also the joy of movement and the appreciation of how it improves strength, balance and mobility in daily life. To that end I am staying a perpetual student myself by taking lessons from master teachers here and in Europe, and attending workshops, constantly educating myself and progressing in my understanding of the Pilates method and aligned movement.

Tanya Scott

Tanya started practicing Pilates 4 years ago with the Classical Pilates Teacher Training program. She was so inspired by her experience, that she took the course herself, in order to share the many benefits of practicing Pilates, and has now received her Pilates Technique Certification.
Tanya grew up in Canada, taking dance classes, and has always admired the dynamics of body movement. “ I have 3 daughters, so my body has gone through many changes. With the physical demand of parenting taking a toll on my scoliosis , and by not exercising in a way that was right for my body and lifestyle, I was in chronic pain in my lower back, my hips, my neck, you name it, it hurt. Pilates changed all that. It gave me length, space, and strength in my spine, and taught me how to use my powerhouse and core strength, daily, for maintaining a lifestyle that helps keep my mind, body, and spirit connected and strong. You’ll find Pilates will help you, in everything you do, from washing dishes to surfing!”

Her enthusiasm for teaching keeps her motivated and always learning more about Pilates. In 2015 she started her teacher training with the Pilates Technique Certification program and is excited to be influenced and a part of this studio’s expert team of instructors.

Diana Rus

Born and raised in Romania, Diana moved to Los Angels to follow her dream. While working on developing an overall health and strength she was introduced to Pilates.
With a medical background and a bachelor’s degree in Radiologic(le) Technology Diana understood how deep the method goes and started embracing it ever since.
She received her Pilates certification through Pilates Technique led by Jill Cassady and Nancy Preimesberger.

She loves teaching and helping people achieve the best of their abilities through physical training. Besides Pilates, Diana loves running, she completed 1 full marathon and 2 half marathons.

Juli E Mulp

Juli E Mulp is a SoCal native Pilates instructor with an extensive background in health and wellness with Whole Foods management for over 10 years. She was first introduced to Pilates as a child by her grandmother but the road to becoming an instructor was inspired by music and art just as much as balance and movement.
For Juli, inspiration has come in many forms: from visiting the Human Plastination Exhibit (Body Worlds) in London in 2002, to walking through the home of Salvador Dalí in Port Lligat, Catalonia in 2014, and to learning the art of silk-screening from Master Printer Richard Duardo. It was in printing where she saw the marriage of physical endurance and creativity.
Juli’s teaching style focuses on client individuality and body awareness.