I have been a client of Classic Pilates Body since 2011 and cannot rave enough about this place. Rachel, the owner, is great, and Marlena who works the front desk, is warm, friendly, and keeps the studio operating smoothly on the daily. The studio overall is very clean and zen even on busy days. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable, detail-oriented and talented. I have training in classical ballet, and this studio was able to pair me with an instructor who also has a dance background allowing me to incorporate this into my workouts. While I have one main instructor, I’ve worked with a number of them over the years and have been very happy with them, too. They easily make exercise accommodations due to health ailments and are in tune with you and your body, making minor adjustments as they see fit. Additionally, some are also trained in prenatal Pilates which I also experienced (to which I owe my life).

Jillian Yee

I love Pilates and working with Dianne. Dianne is one of the most conscientious and knowledgeable people I have ever worked with. Gratefully she keeps me focused and knows my physical terrain better than I do. She is the way that I know when I am aligned, when I am day dreaming, and when I have stopped breathing. Pilates really has changed my life and is one of the most important things that I do. It’s meditative and rehabilitating. Weirdly, Pilates is something that I have come to believe in. It’s more than exercise – I’m sure you know what I mean. It’s so much about your mind as well as your body. I feel that the studio is a special place and all the instructors, as well as Rachel and Marlena, are part of what make it so good. I started taking Individual sessions when you were in the old Duttons location in Brentwood, in the Children’s Book section (which was also important to me) and now I can’t really imagine ever discontinuing. CPB is quiet, serious, personal, has beautiful equipment – the best equipment, and it is clean and well taken care of. All of these things are important. I have looked at other places and seen some classes in action – and they seemed impersonal and even dangerous.

Thank you for continuing to keep the studio open. It’s a refuge.

Lee Shaw

After many years of struggling with thyroid issues, I finally brought my thyroid into balance, lost weight and had plenty of energy to begin an exercise program.

I was Divinely Guided to Classic Pilates Body and especially to Tanya Scott-Street. Through Tanya’s encouraging nature and her wealth of knowledge of exercise, I was able to awaken and stretch out old dormant muscles and now have amazing flexibility!

I loved the time spent with Tanya as she was completely invested in my increased wellbeing. I highly recommend this wonderful studio and in particular my wonderful, loving teacher Tanya!!!
Thank you Tanya for setting my flexible feet on the road to wellness once more!

Claire H

Before I started pilates at CPB, I had chronic pain in my big toe and was developing tendinitis/bursitis in my hip and shoulder. Then I began working with Dianne, and my aches and pains disappeared. She has a thorough understanding of anatomy and body mechanics, and varies our routine each session so that it never feels formulaic. Our sessions are never boring, but always challenging. I leave each session feeling like I’ve accomplished a lot.

Ample parking is close by and the studio is always very clean and quiet. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Chris Perdue

I love CPB!

I found this studio after a surgery that left me with limited upper body strength, plus just feeling wimpy all over. Thanks to CPB and the amazing people there, I have been able to gradually build up my strength and feel like a badass again.

If you’re looking for a Pilates studio to help you feel amazing too, this is definitely your place. The studio is super clean which is a BIG deal for me, hours are great, and parking is pretty easy. I can’t recommend this studio enough.

Sara Brum

Best Pilates studio on the west side! Lovely, spacious set up using Gratz equipment, the same type of equipment Joseph Pilates himself used, and the teachers are fantastic… they know how to work with clients to achieve everything from injury rehab and prevention to everyday strength and toning. I love this studio!

Natalie Brown

Had my very first pilates session with Ania in January at CPB and have continued ever since. I look forward to our weekly workouts! Ania is so great, she explains which muscles I’m supposed to be activating and the methodology behind it. She’s so encouraging and really examines your movements to make sure you’re getting the maximum benefit from each exercise. Ania really cares and will help identify and strengthen your weak areas. I continually feel better, stronger, and more balanced since learning pilates from her.

CPB is a great studio, the space is light, airy, and always clean and everyone I’ve ever encountered there has been super friendly. Go to the studio and go see Ania!

Lan N

Prior to starting Pilates with Ania at Classic Pilates Body Studio, I was taking private pilates lessons at work. The sessions at work were my first exposure to Pilates so I had no point of reference until I decided to try classes at Classic, and I have been with Ania ever since!

I originally was exposed to pilates by a friend who recommended I try it for my back and shoulder issues. A problem I had been dealing with for over a decade from multiple car accidents, years or wearing heels, and sitting at a desk job.

The initial pilates sessions at work had me definitely feeling a difference. Then when I started with Ania, she made me realize I had so much basic technique to still learn to really tap into strengthening my core to get to the root of the issue. This is when I really starting noticing a significant difference.

After a year and a half with Ania now, I can honestly say I’ve grown in my understanding of Pilates technique and form, and my body has been going through a positive transformation. My husband even attests to how much stronger I’ve become. The back and shoulder pain is finally under control and pretty much non-existent thanks to Ania!

I have also been exposed to a few of the other instructors during times when Ania is unavailable, and they were just as great. I am grateful beyond words and plan to continue my practice at Classic Pilates Body Studio! 🙂

Jackie P

This is my favorite studio on the Westside. I’ve been working with Ania for over a year and she’s fantastic! She pushes me to work harder and truly cares about helping me get stronger and feel better! She’s the best!!

Becky Tehrani

I’ve been a client for over a year and love this studio. Everyone is so kind and warm and knowledgeable. The studio is always clean and has a wonderful energy. I have been taking classes with Ania and she is fantastic! She knows how to push you without compromising your safely. With her guidance I have gained strength, control and a better understanding of my body and my challenges. LOVE HER! I’m not going anywhere. Check it out!

Kathy L

I began Pilates at Classic almost 4 years ago to slow the progress of age-related osteoporosis which was causing me to limp. I was “assigned” Dianne and what a gift she has been. This year I have increased my sessions to 2 a week because I can feel the difference a session makes in my general well-being. I can now control the limp more frequently, my posture has improved, and my almost 80 year old body thanks me almost daily. Even my physician sings Dianne’s praises though he has never met her, except through observing the results of her teaching in my health. These are precious years to me and I want to stay active and agile as long as I can. I’m sticking with Pilates and the wonderful people at Classic!

Barbara McCoy

Since starting at Classic Pilates Body, I have become more flexible and balanced. I can’t imagine not working out with my instructor at least once a week to maintain. I’m 71 years young and plan to stay strong for as long as I can.

Thank you to all the trainers and staff at the studio for making my workouts enjoyable.

Susie Horns

I started at CPB a little over a year ago, and I’d give them 10 stars instead of 5 if I could! Their new studio is conveniently located, clean and bright, and everyone there is so friendly! My instructor Dianne is the best!!! She is infinitely patient with me, always checks to see how I’m feeling throughout my sessions, and constantly encourages me to keep going and try harder. She also has an amazing knowledge of Pilates, and knows exactly what the desired effect/outcome is for each and every exercise, which is wonderful because I feel like I learn something new during every session. I was skeptical that I could ever hold a plank when I first started, but thanks to Dianne, I can!

Rita D

I’m a classical pilates snob and just moved down to LA from SF and have definitely found my new Pilates home here. lovely instructors (I mainly work with Ania and Dianne covered for her while Ania was out, love them both) and good Pilates environment focused on health and healing! highly recommend.

Sarah Doran