We Are Following All The Rules!!

We’ve put in place all of the safety protocols required by LA County Health Officials. We offer Individual sessions with at least 6ft physical distancing. Only three clients in the studio at any given time.

We know that some of you can’t wait to return to the studio and workout, others are happy to remain doing Virtual sessions. There are some who are just not comfortable or ready to come back in. We get it, we really do! 

  • There will be a maximum of 3 clients in the studio at any given time.
  • We’ve rearranged the studio into three distinct workout areas – each has a Reformer, two have Cadillacs and all of them have an array of chairs and smaller apparatus to choose from.
  • Your instructor will plan ahead of time the area she thinks will be best for your session. 


Pilates equipmetn
Workout Area #1
Workout Area #2
Workout Area #3


Here’s A Step by Step Guide On How We’ll Proceed 

  • If you have a temperature above 99.6 degrees, or a cough, please stay home. We’ll simply re schedule your session. 
  • *Please bring only essential items with you, there are no changing area facilities so please be ready to workout whenever possible. The bathroom can be used if absolutely necessary but it will be used more frequently for hand washing, so please be considerate of others.
  • As a safety precaution the water cooler will not be in use, please bring your own water bottle if you want to hydrate during your session.
  • Please wait in your car, or outside the studio, we’ll text you when to come in. This will ensure that there are only the minimum number of people entering and leaving the studio at any given time. This is for your safety as well as others.
  • Once inside, please take off your shoes and leave them in the designated shoe cubbies to your left as you enter. You will need to bring Toe Sox or regular socks to wear while in the studio. If you forget to bring your own socks we have Toe Sox for sale and a limited number to borrow for the session (we’ll put them in the wash with the towels after your session)
  • We will take your temperature with a touchless forehead thermometer. If it’s above 99.6 degrees we will need you to leave and re schedule for a later date.
  • There will be hand sanitizer at the front desk and placed around the studio for your convenience. It is your choice to either wash your hands or use hand sanitizer prior to your session. We will be installing touchless spray hand sanitizer units on the walls- one near the front door and one outside the bathroom door.
  • Our studio policy will require the wearing of masks or face coverings at all times, this is not just for your safety but the safety of our team and other clients- our goal is to remain and maintain a safe place for you all to continue working out. (We get that they are uncomfortable, but we’re all in this together and can’t risk any of our team or clients getting sick and the quarantine that would then create for all of us).
  • We are also required to maintain social distancing whilst teaching, you can discuss this further with your instructor on how this will impact your workout, if at all.
  • We will have disposable booties/foot covers at the entrance to the bathroom, this is a simple step-in box that covers your foot (similar the the ones in a hospital) They can then be discarded once outside the bathroom into the bin provided. There will also be hand wipes for you to when using the bathroom- please wipe down the surfaces you touched prior to leaving and place in the bin outside the door also. 
  • We have vinyl re usable covers for all handles, foot straps and bars. These are to be cleaned at the end of each session, placed in a bucket to be disinfected later that day.
  • We have a limited number of Reformer leg straps to purchase if you would like to have your own set. Please contact us for more information on this.
  • We will have re usable, stylish masks available to purchase, disposable masks (if you forget yours, we know you wouldn’t though), and disposable gloves  (gloves are your choice to wear and NOT mandatory)
  • Clients will spray and wipe down their own equipment at the end of the session with a soap and water solution. The instructor will then disinfect the equipment with an EPA approved solution (used in hospitals and gyms that is proven against the SARS virus,  which includes Covid-19) We have an infrared cleaning wand to go over all surfaces throughout the day to ensure proper cleaning is maintained.
  • We will do regular cleaning of all touchable surfaces (door handles, taps, cubbies, etc) throughout the day and have our new cleaning service maintain a high standard of deep cleaning when the studio is closed.They will come in twice a week, we are much happier with this service that we have used while we’re closed, we hope you are too and always welcome helpful feedback.

Yes, this is a lot but we know you’ll appreciate our efforts when you come in and feel confident about being here.  
We Miss You

The CPB Team